Women should be allowed to marry more than one  – Zambian member of parliament

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A Member of Parliament in Zambia has faced backlash following her suggestion that women in the country should be allowed to have more a single husband.

The Chienga Constituency legislature Given Katuta Mwelwa wrote this on her official Facebook page in which she said the country should acknowledge polyandry.

Mwelwa was reacting to a proposed amendment bill to Legalize Polygamy in Zambia.

“Let us constitutionalize Polyandry too! Women to have more than one husband”. wrote MP Mwelwa.

However, her remarks attracted different opinions from Zambians as some plainly told her to lead by example by proposing that she should get a second husband for herself.

One Mundia Jnr said; “Somethings are based on biological make-up. A woman can only give birth once in 9 months, now what will happen when both gentlemen want to have a child simultaneously?”

Luckson Gift Munyakasa wrote: “You are right mama kindly lead these ladies by example. Find another man to marry you again so that they can be sharing my night shift and bishop try it if it will work.”

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