Why do Children escort footballers to the field?

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Those children are called Mascot.  This initiative of mascot started in the 1990s with one mascot for each team or one for each player. The UEFA Euro 2000 was once one of the first major occasions where each footballer was escorted by a mascot.

In membership games, youth are typically members of childhood groups or contest winners. Since 2002, World Cup or European Championship escorts are chosen in a competition hosted by McDonald’s, the sponsor of the event.

Today, in most of the leagues across Europe, families are nicely represented as fans. This used to be no longer continually the case. In the pre-1980s, soccer followers going to watch video games at the stadiums were almost solely males. In some countries, violence and racist chants had been frequent in Europe. In all honesty, with hindsight and our inclusive ways of thinking, the moves of some people, who called themselves fans, used to be very disgusting.

However, as the years have progressed, things have changed, initiatives such as having children walk out with the players have helped make the world of football the most prominent sport. There are quite a number of motives why footballers walk in with kids.

These encompass :

  1. Advertising children’s rights campaigns,
  2.  bringing the thing of innocence to the game,
  3.  enjoyable children’s dreams of becoming footballers.
  4. Another motive is to protect the players. Fans are less probable to throw objects at the players if there are children next to them.

On some occasions, there could be exclusive escorts. Examples are:

Ajax Amsterdam football club walked out with their mothers on Mother’s Day.

São Paulo FC players walked out with dogs to elevate the consciousness of to stray dogs problem.

All the above reasons sum up to a gesture of goodwill and dedication to childhood development.

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