[Video] Music Review: Buga (Lo Lo Lo) By Kizz Daniel and Tekno

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Buga - Kizz Daniel Ft Tekno
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Buga (Lo Lo Lo) is a song that will certainly get you dancing in Ghana, Nigeria, and the rest of the world. The #BugaChallenge was started after the song became popular on TikTok. The song has received a ton of attention from listeners worldwide, it has received enormous ratings, and it’s undoubtedly the most popular song in Nigeria.

Nigerian musicians Kizz Daniel and Tekno collaborated on the song “Buga (Lo Lo Lo)”. Flyboy Inc. issued it on May 4, 2022, and Empire Africa handled distribution. Kizz Daniel wrote it, Reward Beatz produced it, and Tekno sang with him.

Upon release, it was a success. The song became the most Shazammed song in the world. It reached its peak at #1 on Apple Music charts in 20 different nations, including Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, and the Gambia. The top song in the Top 100 African Boomplay Music is this song. Over 23 million people have now watched the video on YouTube.

This song’s lyrics are straightforward and memorable, making it simple to sing along with. The delivery of “Buga” by Kizz Daniel and Tekno seems very natural and remarkable. Due to its “feel-good” nature as a song, it had to be performed positively. Tekno and Kizz Daniel produced the song “Buga” after clearly understanding their task. Even Tekno delivers some incredible lyrics that are comparable to those of Kizz Daniel.

Kizz Daniel claimed that the purpose of Buga was to honour dedication, hard work, and success. In his explanation of the song’s meaning, Kizz defined ‘Buga’ as a term for ‘show off or ‘play a trick on them.’

Allow your outcomes to speak for themselves once you’ve spent the time and effort into them. The message in Buga’s lyrics, as delivered by Kizz Daniel and Tekno, is that people should be pleased to display their effort to earn their money. 

The video is a master class of art. The carnival-themed music video compleated Buga’s wonderful, feel-good party vibe. Brilliant cinematographer TG Omori directed, shot and edited the music video. The video also included Mr Funny, a Nigerian Instagram comic better known by his stage name Sabinus the Investor. The video is artistic, vibrant, engaging, powerful, and chock-full of deep implications. This carnival-themed song represents our need to “Go low, low & Buga after a long day of toil.

The Buga video is a beauty of art, vibrant festivities, lovely costumes, excellent dance moves, fun and partying from day to night. Tekno went with his legendary dancing moves, while Kizz Daniel put on a tremendous performance in the video.

Stream Kizz Daniel and Tekno Buga (Lo Lo Lo), here:

https://spoti.fi/3uMA5ku  on Spotify

https://bit.ly/3o1bgxK  on Boomplay

https://apple.co/3IBm92A on Apple music.

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