UK University scraps English Literature for 2023-2024 Academic Year

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Sheffield Hallam has dropped the course from 2023 as it is a ‘low value’ degree

 Dr Mary Peace, who teaches 18th-century literature, said it is ‘cultural vandalism’

The university said its more than 600 courses are under ‘constant review’ 

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A university has dropped its English literature course over concerns its graduates ‘don’t end up in highly-skilled jobs. 

Sheffield Hallam University suspended the subject after a government crackdown on ‘low value’ degrees. 

Under the plans to tackle so-called ‘Mickey Mouse’ courses, the Office for Students said institutions face fines if they cannot get 60 per cent of graduates into a professional job. 

But a critic likened the demise of the subject to ‘cultural vandalism’. 

Dr Mary Peace, who teaches 18th-century literature at the university, said the move was ‘largely economic’ and based on the expectation that students should be in a highly-skilled job within six months of graduating. 

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She added it is vital for ‘young people to be able to manipulate language’. 

It is one of the first UK universities to abandon the core subject and staff were informed of the decision only five minutes before a departmental away day, Dr Peace told the Daily Telegraph

The university will reportedly instead offer an English studies degree, comprising literature, creative writing and language. 

Sheffield Hallam did not clarify why the subject was dropped. It said its courses are under ‘constant review’ and a ‘small number’ are being suspended or closed.

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A Sheffield Hallam University spokesperson said: ‘As a large comprehensive university offering more than 600 undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, we keep our portfolio of courses under constant review to ensure that they align to the latest demands from students and employers.

‘A small number of courses are being suspended or closed, which has been communicated to the relevant staff. These changes do not involve job losses.’

But Dr Peace said: ‘We have ‘world leading’ research and excellent teaching, but we can’t compete on cultural capital. The demise of humanities in the post-92s is cultural vandalism.

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‘When was it ever more important in our history for young people to be able to manipulate language and to understand how they are manipulated by language and stories.

‘What kind of society will we have if there is no place for people from all social classes and backgrounds to have the chance to read and think (or to work in a bar for 2 years while they try to write a novel) before they have to make themselves compliant with the

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