TUC Goes On Strike

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The Four-teacher Union under Ghana Education Service are already on strike, and TUC  plans to embark on a similar trajectory.

Government workers represented by the Trade Union Congress (TUC)-affiliated PSWU have voted to go on indefinite strike effective 19th July 2022 if their request is not granted.

There has been a lack of action from the government to address the PSWU’s concerns about a Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) to alleviate the sufferings of its members due to the current economic hardships, according to a statement made on July 8, 2022.

Each passing day, the 27,000 PSWU members feel the pinch in their wallets, with each passing day bringing with it the uncertainty of being able to satisfy basic necessities.” Naturally, a return to the IMF raises additional concerns for public sector workers about their job security and brings back memories of draconian labour rules that hurt the average worker.

However, the decision to join an IMF program could lead to a return to an industrial climate marked by harsh conditions such as the sale of critical and well-performing national assets, job cuts and freezes on wages (an intention denied by His Excellency the President during his remarks at the 1st Quadrennial Delegates Conference of the TUC (Ghana) in Kumasi on March 23rd 2021).”

Our members had no choice but to begin a strike on Tuesday, July 19, 2022, until our concerns were addressed at an Emergency Meeting of the Management Committee and representatives from the over 65 institutions that make up the PSWU,” portions of the statement released by PSWU stated.

To add insult to injury, a second reason cited for its strike action was the lack of attention paid by government officials to the plight of its elderly and vulnerable pensioners.

The general secretary for the Union was interviewed on Citi FM ( eye witness news) hosted by Umaru Sanda, and he iterated their intention.

The Union happens to be the biggest Government workers’ Union in the country.

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