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Road transport is by far the dominant carrier of freight and passengers in Ghana’s land transport system. It carries over 95% of all passenger and freight traffic and reaches most communities, and is classified under three categories of trunk roads, urban roads, and feeder roads. The Ghana Highway Authority, established in 1974 is tasked with developing and maintaining the country’s trunk road network totalling 13,367 km, which makes up 33% of Ghana’s total road network of 40,186 km.

With respect to this mode of transport, many people prefer to use public means. Many of the towns and cities in the country can be reached by the use of urban buses known as “trotro” or taxis. For inter-regional transport, bigger buses are normally used.

There are a lot of options for travel within Ghana. Sadly, not all drivers are licensed. Use your judgment on the condition and appearance of the vehicle and the operator before using any mode of transportation. Insurance and registration stickers are displayed on the front windscreen of all vehicles in Ghana, allowing easy verification that the vehicle is current. Most road accidents in Ghana are caused because of tires that are in poor condition.

When the car you waited hours in long queues for is not in good condition and the driver is also not licensed, there brings the trouble of police stopping the car in the middle of the journey. And moreover, sitting in a not-so-good car, there also brings accidents.

The choice of riding in a good car is not the decision you make by yourself, it’s the fortunate and the unfortunate luck.

Now, there are new ways of getting around without the stress of getting in long queues and waiting long hours for transport.                                                                                                                                    Developers and technology have made it easy to create Apps that bring transportation to your doorstep.


Nav-trx is a smart and safe ride for transport.

Easy and comfortability is what we look for when you order a ride. Most of the time, we can go by public transport but it doesn’t come with the privacy, comfort, and safety that private riders come with. Our full air condition cars also come with a USB outlet.

With Nav-trx, no more waiting, no more hassle. Get a ride anywhere and anytime.

An app that doesn’t care not only about the customer but also about the driver.

The riders get…..

  • Get a free ride on your 10th ride,
  • Win 1,000GHS on your 15th ride; subject to terms and conditions,
  • Pay with cash or MoMo,
  • Ride and earn loyalty points that can be redeemed for designated incentives,
  • Snacks/lunch reward on Fridays. Subject to terms and conditions.

The drivers get….

  • Available holidays/ sick days,
  • Reward at the end of every year+ special bonuses,
  • Drive and earn loyalty points that can be designated incentives,
  • Gets 95% of their earnings with no hidden charges.

The nav-trx app will be coming out soon and can be downloaded from the play store or on the App store.

For more information, contacts us at +233 242608762, or visit our website at 

Email address;

Nav-trx, experience a smart change

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