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Almost every profession I know, to some extent, have benefits and opportunities tied to it. For pilots, they get the chance to travel abroad very often at a much subsidized cost; for broadcasters, they get to wear, feel and taste products of marketers and advertisers mostly at no cost; for executive assistants, they get to interact with high profile and professionals of top organizations.

For nurses in Ghana, one of such great opportunity has been opened to them by the UK government. All qualified nurses from nations outside the EU/EEA who wish to work as nurses in the UK are now welcome. This is due to the work- permit of UK Tier 2, nurses with international training may now apply to work in the UK. All you need is it to satisfy the NMC UK standards, Viola! You’re good to go!

For nations outside the EU or EEA, there’s nothing to worry about. You only need to fulfill these few requirements.

They are:

  • You must first demonstrate your proficiency in English by taking the IELTS tests and obtain a score of 7.0 on the Academic IELTS English exam.
  • You have to be a registered nurse in your home country and have at least 12 months of working experience. If you are in Ghana, you must be either a diploma nurse or a degree nurse.

Unfortunately, nurses with certificates do not qualify for this.

  • You must pass the online Nursing and Midwifery Council’s Computer Based Test (CBT).
  • The NMC Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE), the final exam you must complete, will be administered in the UK, so you shouldn’t worry about it too much when you are first applying.

After satisfying these requirements, you are highly eligible to work in the UK; you finally then proceed to register with the NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council) UK.

Once you are able to obtain the necessary IELTS scores and pass the CBT test, we have a number of Tier 2 sponsors (employers) that are willing to give employment and grant certificates of sponsorship that will assist your visa application to the UK.

Please be aware that the majority of Tier 2 sponsors (employers) may pay for or advance a loan to cover all or part of your fees, including your travel tickets. In any event, you only need to pay for the CBT while you are in Ghana and the remaining costs will be due after you arrive in the UK.

We know saving the lives of people matter, thus if you’re a healthcare professional, specifically a nurse or midwife, you should take advantage of this window of opportunity while it exists today, who knows, it may end in no time.

Don’t forget the popular saying, opportunity comes but, once!

Our experienced team here at Navantrics Consults will provide you with one-to-one personal service in helping you secure a smooth application process to transition to the UK.

You may contact us on mobile or WhatsApp on 0044-7415-590155 or 00233-208 828156 or email You can also visit their website at

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