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Have you ever wondered why we sleep at all? Or what makes us go to sleep?

We will all agree that most of the time, we go to bed when we are tired or simply feeling sleepy.

Sleep is a normal requirement for the body. The action of sleeping is simple and not very much to it.

However, it is one of the most important requirements of the human body.

The body performs better not from just eating properly, but from sleeping appropriately the right amount of hours and in the right conditions. Below are four things that benefit a person from sleeping properly.

Strength Building

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Our mind engages with every part of the body especially our muscles to keep us moving, balancing, talking, laughing, crying eating and so on. When you sleep you give the chance for the muscles and all the organs in your body to relax and repair themselves. When you wake up from a great rest or sleep, all the organs and muscles regain their strength to their full working capabilities.

Creative Thinking

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Creative Person. You become more refreshed after a great rest. For people engaged in all kinds of activities or working on a project, after a great rest. Your mind is energised allowing you to think more effectively. This means that a person faced with a situation that requires a great amount of thinking will perform better. And will also be more creative around devising solutions to problems.

Stress Reduction

Stress relief process. Over time we build up stress levels from our daily activities. This is a natural cause of lack of energy and inability to deal with certain situations. Sleeping well enough along with healthy eating allows your mind to reset, energies and find different pathways to deal with your stressful circumstances. It also eliminates stress build-up.

Look Younger

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Ageing. To age up naturally is beautiful. But your ageing process can be accelerated. When you sleep LESS your skin and face tissues do not get enough time to rest and repair its self to glow. You restrict the natural courses of your face and skin tissues extracting and maintaining natural moisture needed to maintain the quality and strength of healthy skin tissues. In all, we could all do well with good sleeping practices to achieve 100% in general.

Written by David Arthur
Navantrics Team

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