See what an Uber driver wrote in his car

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 When drivers use e-hailing services, they do more than simply drive: they’re sharing their car, space and time with passengers. While most riders show drivers respect, this is unfortunately not always the case. Both drivers and riders owe each other mutual respect and kindness.

Interestingly, a Ghanaian journalist and presenter at Metro TV, Bridget Otoo dropped revelations on her social media page that has generated several reactions. According to Bridget Otoo, her sister patronise an Uber today and saw some inscriptions written boldly inside the car. The inscriptions were cautions to passengers who patronise the vehicle. 

The driver of this particular car seems to be fed up with people eating,  use of perfume, sexual escapes etc in his car hence the ‘DONTS’ inscription in his car.

See the inscription below;

inscription from UbeR Driver

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