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Vladimir Putin who is the state president of Russia declared an invasion in Ukraine in the early hours of Thursday for various reasons. Ukraine and Russia are like ‘ brothers’ as they share a common border to the East of Europe but things haven’t been smooth between the two countries resulting in an unfortunate cold war between them. The Russian military has entered Ukraine and numerous Russian tanks are seen entering  Ukraine’s capital city – Kyiv.

There are numerous reasons why these two countries are on the divergent path to finding common grounds to elicit coordination between themselves which unfortunately has resulted in the carnage, especially in Ukraine. The Russians led by their president- Vladimir  Putin demands that:

  1.  Kyiv  recognizes Crimea as Russian
  2. .Ukraine to reject NATO
  3.  no weapon to be supplied from West  Furthermore Russia wants to regain The Donetsk People’s Republic(DNR) and Luhansk People’s Republic(LNR).

As tension increases in Kyiv, more properties and lives are being destroyed in  Ukraine by Russian missiles and bombs  A lot of lives and properties are being lost with regards to the war. What is worrying most was the stern warning being issued by the Russian president to ward off any interference by an International body or a country. We hope the two parties will come to an agreement to avert further carnage.

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