Relocate, Train and Work in the UK

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This has always been your dream.

To travel abroad, gain an international visa to work in the UK as a nurse and unleash your potential in an environment designed to make you great.

But, every time you’ve considered it and taken the step to apply, it has always been unsuccessful.

I understand.

The application processes can be overwhelming and confusing.

Too much information and you really don’t know where to start.

Navantrics consults are here to smoothen the process and to make it easy to gain that international visa and become a registered nurse in the UK.

We have designed two packages to help you relocate and work in the UK.


✅Take only your OSCE training and Exams in the UK

✅ Assist you with preparing for your Job interview.

✅we will assist you with employment applications.

✅ help you with all the documentation you need for your visa application.

✅ Provide any assistance needed when in the UK 

✅Assist you with NMC verification 

✅If needed, we can provide you with the IELTS and CBT training.


✅Take your OET, CBT, or OSCE exams and training in the United Kingdom

✅Work as a Healthcare Assistant while you study to become a registered nurse.

✅Work as a support care Assistant or support worker while you study to become a registered nurse.

✅ help you with your job application for a nursing career in the UK.

✅ Help you with all the documentation for your visa application.

✅Assist you with NMC verification 


  • We train you and take you through all the processes from start to finish, even when you get to the UK.
  • Mock preparation.
  • Free course materials and test questions.
  • Save you from all the stress and trouble of consuming lots of information and not making headway.

You don’t want to wait to start preparing Now!!!.

✅Learn how to prepare yourself here:  

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