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How strong is your sexual desire? Is it strong enough to trigger masturbation? Now, take your time to read the article below as I unravel the causes, effects and suggested solutions to it.
People who engage mostly in the act are sex addicts, porn addicts, and People who usually would like to be chaste until marriage are likely to masturbate at some point in their lives.
So what could trigger this situation?

  • Exposure to pornography materials. After a prolonged watching of porn movies, the desire to have sex heightens and if there is no partner, one will turn to masturbate to calm the nerves down.
  • Another reason wealthy of mentioning is lack of self-control. People who lack self-control often become sex addicts. Sexual addicts are a group of people who can’t leave a day without engaging in sexually related activities. If their edge to have sex is triggered and there is no one to help them satisfy their needs to achieve an orgasm. They turn to masturbating to satisfy themselves.
  • Also, the spirit of fear also causes people to indulge in self-pleasure. People fear contracting sexually infected diseases so they resort to masturbation. Males (some percentage) especially fear engaging in sexual intercourse because of the small size of their manhood and to some extent unwanted pregnancy.
    Victims of this act are likely to suffer the following consequences;
  • Decrease in the size of the genital organ. The penis begins to shrink in size after prolonged years of masturbation.
  • Another effect is excessive chronic pain in the waist. Since our sexual veins run through our waist, continuous stimulation of the sexual organ can cause the vein to experience some sort of discomfort. This may lead to chronic waist pain.
  • Premature ejaculation can affect males who engage in self-stimulation. This is because our nerve sensory becomes used to how short it takes for one to self-stimulate himself. If the pattern persists, sexual intercourse with the opposite sex (female) may last for a maximum of 45 seconds.
    Could this be curbed? The answer is YES

A renewed Mind; sexual pleasure starts from the mind so it’s necessary for victims to be mindful of what they usually ponder when alone. Victims also need to focus on what they want to achieve by forgiving themselves purifying their thinking and focusing on productive things
The devil always finds a job for an idle man. Engage in position activities that will prevent you from being lonely. Always make sure you surround yourself with people. If you are busy, there is no way or very less chance of the actin having sex will come to mind.
Avoid watching adult movies especially if you do not have anybody around to help you ease your pleasure.
Regular exercise will help you by reducing the anxiety to engage in sexual activities.
Know your triggers. Get to know yourself and identify the cause of your action. If you are able to identify your triggers, you have solved 50% of your addicted behaviour. Tell yourself you won’t do it and trust yourself. You will overcome it.
As a religious person, pray to your object of worship Ask for the spirit of guidance to protect you from engaging in the act.
You can also speak to your doctor or a medical expert for advice and support.

By Navantrics Team

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