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Have you ever questioned why, when you go out for a happy hour, you’re prepared to spend more money on things you could easily purchase elsewhere and enjoy at home for pennies? I guess I can’t be the only person at fault when it comes to this. I could say that’s because, apart from spending on ‘whatever’ you are buying, you are also paying for the feelings and experience you get from that particular venue or product.

This article explores how customers build emotional connections with products. 

Most products don’t work well, and it’s not because they didn’t have enough capital to push the product or that their idea was poor; rather, it’s that they failed to create a business strategy that would enable them to attract repeated business from loyal clients.

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The inability to communicate a feeling, experience or concept causes so many companies to fail. A business strategy extends beyond selling to customers and offering them high-quality services to the experience they get from using the product. Clients become very boastful and satisfied because they’ve also been able to ‘taste the goodness of these products.’

There is a chocolate drink in Ghana called ‘This Way.’ They had an outstanding marketing strategy. They never chose to emphasise on how inexpensive the product is or to inform you of its nutritional benefits; instead, they chose to emphasise how simple and quick it is to prepare. They kept hammering on that, and now everyone knows about it in Ghana. Anytime you hear about the drink, you remember the experience- easy and quick to prepare!

How to win customers’ hearts is one of the most crucial factors every organisation must consider. Sometimes, the perception of your brand or the sensation your product evokes in customers is more important than the problem your product can solve. They should be motivated to use the product more because of the emotions they get while using it. Companies should concentrate more on producing delightful moments when customers use their products than on the attributes of the product.

Although many people sell, the successful ones offer a feeling, an idea, and experience as opposed to just selling their products. Nike sells footwear. Why is it that Nike is now a multi-billion dollar business? It’s because the marketers of Nike pay attention to the sensation or happiness the wearer will experience after donning their shoes rather than the features of the product. Companies that sell pillows have moved their focus from simply selling the product to how comfortable and restful the product is. They want their customers to perceive the experience they will have when they buy their products. Entrepreneurs should shift their focus from producing items to ensuring that their products are loved by their customers.

If users appreciate the experience, they will pay for it because it’s worth the price; for them, it is an investment rather than a cost. However, users are likelier to pick the least expensive choice if they don’t feel an emotional connection to your product. Emotions play a role in almost everything we do as humans. We are regarded to be the most emotional creatures, so if you can appeal to the emotions of your target market, you can convince them to buy anything. When the person purchases your product, he or she should be fixated on it because of the experience you gave them. This is how businesses develop loyal customers.

Selling a sentiment, a concept, or a brand is very profitable. Instead of concentrating all of your efforts on the characteristics of your product, focus on developing a clear business strategy that can convert people into devoted and repeated customers so your company can thrive and become a multi-million company. When a company achieves this, its product will sell like magic.

These favourable feelings will turn your user from a consumer into a devoted supporter of your business, a brand ambassador. A marketing campaign that evokes emotional connections with the products may encourage customers to click the “buy” button on your website or visit your physical store.

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