Five Reasons Why You should Urinate After Sex

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Urinating after sex is very important. No one feels like leaving the bed right after sex, but just for the sake of a few intimate moments with your partner in the bed, you can’t risk your health. And it’s more important for women because the urethra is shorter, and bacteria can travel up there faster.

You may not necessarily catch an infection right after sex; however, adapting this hygiene ritual is essential just to keep you on the safer side. If you are still confused as to why urinating after sex is essential, then take a critical look at these five reasons why urinating after sex is crucial.

1. Sex can introduce bacteria into your body.

When you engage in intimacy, bacteria can enter your body through the penis, fingers or mouth. These bacteria may not necessarily be external; they can also be faecal matter. The female urethra is shorter, so the bacteria can easily travel up to the bladder.

2. Risk of UTIs.

Urinary Tract Infections can be painful and excruciating. And this condition is more common in sexually active women. So if you are confused about why it occurs every time you have sex, know that it is because you are not urinating after sex.

3. Urine eliminates the bacteria.

Urinating dislodges bacteria before it becomes a full-fledged infection. It helps keep your urinary tract clean and free of bacteria.

4. It’s kind of mandatory for women.

The need to urinate after sex happens itself. Women don’t need to force it. This is due to the stimulation of the G-spot. Don’t feel lazy at that time; go and relieve yourself. And if you do not need to urinate after sex, it is probably because you are hydrating yourself well.

5. Not urinating after 30 minutes of sex risks your infections.

You don’t need to jump out of bed as soon as you are done. You can wait for some time, but not more than 30 minutes. At the end of the day, you are better off safe than sorry!

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