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Major news outlets including our sources have gathered from sources within ECG that the Database systems have been compromised by external sources who are currently controlling the source codes and have refused to release them to the ECG.

ECG has not made any statement about the said cyber-attack except a series of announcements informing the public about the technical challenge it was experiencing with the smooth operation of the prepaid system and assurance to customers that it was working “assiduously to rectify the anomaly.”

It has been alleged that ECG has called for support to help resolve the problem while still working on it.

Officials from National Security and the Cyber Security Authority are on hand working with  ECG to help restore the systems to normalcy.

Aside from that, ECG is currently undertaking a comprehensive audit of its system to establish what caused the technical failure that has affected service to many of its prepaid customers around the country.

National Security and the Cyber Security Authority are supporting determining what could have happened to the system and how to forestall a future recurrence.

There is a high suspicion of the system has been hacked, hence the support from the Cyber Security Authority.

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