E-Levy is Slowing down Government Agenda on Digitization

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Ken Ashigbey

The Chief Executive of the Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications, Ken Ashigbey, has disclosed that the Electronic Transaction Levy (E-Levy) is slowing the government’s own digital agenda, per data available to the chamber.

According to him, if this trend continues, it could derail the government’s revenue target from the telecom sector, for this year.

Speaking at the Bank of Ghana’s Regulatory Sandbox Engagement Forum, Mr Ashigbey urged players in the financial sector to help the government with innovative solutions geared towards generating revenue for the State.

“Truth be told, if you look at the data of E-Levy currently the way it is situated is slowing down the government’s own digital agenda and possibly also having a negative impact on the government’s own revenues. But, we need to do the thinking for government”.

He called for support for the government to be able to generate more revenue.

“Support government to be able to generate a lot more revenue from the digital environment. If we don’t do that, they will be thinking for us. You will have things like the E-Levy, the way it’s been formatted coming up.

“So I urge all of us that let’s take advantage of this opportunity that has been given to us to find ways in which we can support the government with the challenges that abound. And also to help our people within this economy we find ourselves,” he admonished.

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