Don’t say roasted plantain rather say……..

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The word roasted represents one of the most commonly confused and misunderstood in English language usage.
It is common to hear folks use the word roasted where roast would have been the right word.
Roast is an adjective. An adjective is a word that describes a noun or a pronoun.
Examples are big, as in big house; rotten as in rotten apples; foreign as in foreign names.

More pl: big plantain, sweet plantain, expensive plantain, roast plantain, forty days, learned men, beautiful girls, sophisticated ladies etc

Roasted” is an adjective derived from a verb. It is like “fried” or “boiled” in “fried plantain” or “boiled plantain”. It is derived from the verb “fry” or “boil”.
Roast plantain: plantain cooked by roasting.
Roasted plantain: used as a past tense to say someone cooked a plantain by roasting.
Roasted in this environment indicates a VERB which virtually is not qualifying the noun “plantain” so, the standard phrase is ”roast plantain”.

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