Did you know the Wife of Bob Marley has been living in Ghana for the past two decades?

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Rita Marley, the wife of Legendary reggae musician Bob Marley has lived in Ghana for over 20 years. She moved to Ghana together with Bob Marley’s family in the 1990s. She applied and became a Ghanaian citizen in 2013. She changed her name from Rita Marley to Nana Afua Abodea, a Ghanaian name.

She also owns a house in Aburi in the eastern region of Ghana.

Rita Marley has built a studio in honour of her late husband, Bob Marley in Accra, Ghana. It is called Studio One. She has a charitable foundation in Ghana. Her foundation, The Rita Marley Foundation contributes to charitable works in Accra, Ghana.

She is a woman who seeks to make sure that people around her are safe and well catered for.

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