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The prime minister of the United kingdom (Mr Boris Johnson ) the leader of the conservative party could
be forced to resign under multiple counts of alleged cases levelled against him especially by opposition
parties. The opposition parties in their view allege that the prime minister has broken the COVID-19
protocol by Organizing parties during the peak of COVID-19 which was in violation of the lockdown
regulations. He has also been accused of partly being responsible for the already struggling economy
amidst an inefficiency in handling the outbreak of the pandemic. The mild stringent measures in
relation to Brexit is also being touted.
A man ( Prime minister ) who has seen it all in the British political landscape notably; Mayor, MP and
now the prime minister is on the brink of being impeached. Aside from being a fine politician, he is also
regarded by many as a humble and charismatic leader.
If the opposition succeeds in his resignation, it will truly be an interesting time for Britain.

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