Another Unique Use of the Handbrake

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Many people across the world own cars and other big vehicles. The majority of them attended driving schools before embarking on driving tasks. This means that most of them learnt about emergency response and what they should do if there is an emergency when they are driving.

However, many people, including drivers, only know one function of the handbrake. For those who don’t know, a handbrake is a mechanism that is used to keep vehicles motionless when parked. It is usually pulled upwards when engaging it and downwards when disengaging it.

According to car experts, a handbrake is not only used to stop a car or vehicle from moving when parked, but it is also used to stop vehicles when normal vehicles stop functioning during an emergency. Drivers are encouraged to use hand brakes during emergencies.


A handbrake is one of the safety features in every vehicle. Its cable runs under the vehicle, and if one does not use it regularly, it stops working.  So if your normal brake fails, you are encouraged to use the handbrake since it is the secondary emergency feature to the normal brakes. Don’t use them while parking alone.

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