Alleged UK-based Ghanaian attempts to sacrifice his daughter for money ritual

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A Ghanaian man base in the UK, by the name of Evans Oppong, has been arrested for attempting to use his biological daughter for money rituals. According to the Herbalist, the alleged culprit promised to give him Ghc 10,000 and other surprises after the ritual is successfully done.

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The herbalist who gave his name as Nana Adu Boafo Jnr, said, “the Ghanaian-based UK man told him things are not moving on well for him financially. So he would like to sacrifice two of his 12 kids and he wishes to sacrifice one for a start. Evans Oppong, therefore, went to pick up his innocent beautiful daughter from school and brought her straight to the herbalist for the rituals. Nana Boafo Jnr, (the herbalist ) who is also an ex-military man said he is a genuine herbalist and doesn’t indulge in helping people sacrifice innocent blood for money ritual so he called the police to arrest the man.

The little girl was then assured of safety and protection.

According to our sources, the police are currently offering the girl psychological assistance in order to ward off any mental trauma.

The man ( Evans Oppong) is currently in police custody pending further investigation.

Navantrics team is keeping an eye on the story for further developments.

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